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Colleges and universities are seeking to improve operational efficiency and streamline outdated processes. Faced with funding and other financial challenges, educational institutions need better information to guide their most critical decisions and shape their future.

In response to this need, ofPartner has developed RevelationEd. Designed specifically for the higher education environment, this powerful, web-based analysis provides unprecedented vision into an institution and its operations. 

RevelationEd is a unique analytics dashboard built on job-related information.

We transform raw data from educators and administrators into meaningful insights

about how to improve your organization's performance. 

Employee-centric approach

We use a simple online questionnaire that asks staff and educators to describe the activities they perform during a typical year.

We speak your


Making the process easier is always on our minds. We can tailor the questionnaire language to fit your organization’s nomenclature and culture.

Give us just

30 minutes

Your people have valuable insights about their work. Gather their job-related data quickly and efficiently.

Minimal investment, maximum return

View the results and analysis from every angle, identify strategic opportunities, formulate improvement plans.

A powerful management tool

Gather actionable insight with our questionnaire tool. Base your decisions on evidence and gain buy-in from management and staff with greater credibility.

Secure, private and in the cloud

Results are provided through an easy-to-use portal that allows you to view and analyze your organization holistically.

RevelationEd allows you to quickly see how educators, administrators and support staff spend their time, and what those activities are costing the organization.

Understanding how people work is the gateway to innovation.

RevelationEd is the key

that unlocks it.

We recognized the need to answer a seemingly simple question: How are our most valuable resources–our people–being utilized? 

Despite the simplicity of the question, decades of research have revealed that it is difficult, if not impossible, for most colleges and universities to find a meaningful answer on their own. 

To address this need, we developed RevelationEd.

Who can leverage RevelationEd results?

Governing Boards
Presidents and Other Senior Leadership
Administrative Departments
Faculty Leadership
Academic Departments

How can you utilize the RevelationEd results?

Conduct strategic planning
Analyze personnel utilization
Benchmark strategic and operational initiatives
Restructure administrative functions
Reorganize departments and personnel
Develop core competency models

Our Process

We help develop your communications plan and project schedule.

You provide participant information, and we customize the questionnaire to meet your requirements.

The questionnaire is deployed to target employees, typically for 10-18 days.

Results are available online. We also build a full report within two weeks of the survey's closing date.

The RevelationEd team provides a presentation to review the results and identify opportunities for improvement.

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Contact Us.

We'd love to hear from you.

+1 312.720.6145. 

Contact Us.

We'd love to hear from you.

+1 312.720.6145. 

Contact Us.

We'd love to hear from you.

+1 312.720.6145. 

Contact Us.

We'd love to hear from you.

+1 312.720.6145.